Meeting times


Sunday Worship at 9:15am • Midweek Fellowship on Wednesdays at 7pm

Week of February 17

Midweek Fellowship

This Wednesday, February 20th

Meal at 6pm

Shiloh is serving soup and sandwiches

Service at 7pm

Daily Bible Readings

Monday - Job 37:1-24

Tuesday - Job 38:1-41

Wednesday - Job 39:1-30

Thursday - Job 40:1-24

Friday - Job 41:1-34

Saturday - Job 42:1-17

Prayer Concerns

Suzzy Stone, Harold Nunn Family (Lewis Family), Faydean Johnson Family, Herbert Whitfield, HG Harvey, Cheryl Lewis, William and Lucy Shoffner, Linda Atkins, Ellen Price, Bill Rogers (Suzzy Stone), Phyliss and Buck Holderby (Bonnie Page)

Put your prayer request on the yellow cards and place them in the white basket on the altar table. Each concern will be lifted up during our worship service.