Welcome to Faith Christian Church

A church with open arms, loving hearts and a desire to bring glory to God!

Meeting times


Sunday Worship at 9:15am • Midweek Fellowship on Wednesdays at 7pm

Week of november 10

Midweek Fellowship

Midweek Fellowship Ministries

Wednesday, November 13th

Meal at 6pm  - Your deserts are welcomed.  Service at 7pm

Daily Bible Readings

Monday - Song of Songs 6

Tuesday - Song of Songs 7

Wednesday - Song of Songs 8

Thursday - Isaiah 1

Friday - Isaiah 2

Saturday - Isaiah 3

Prayer Concerns

Suzzy Stone, Ervin & Polly Stanfield, Hannah Pinkerton (Ellen Price),  Clay Bowles, Brittany Carter's dad, Kevin and Kim Rogers (Sonny and Kay McCall), Sunshine Wilson (Rachel Adkins), Buck and Phyliss Holderby (Bonny Page), Jake King, Ed Fitchett (Ethel Allred), Mike Thomas (Nancy Whitfield's son)

Put your prayer request on the yellow cards and place them in the white basket on the altar table. Each concern will be lifted up during our worship service.