Welcome to Faith Christian Church

A church with open arms, loving hearts and a desire to bring glory to  God!

Meeting times


Sunday Worship at 9:15am • Midweek Fellowship on Wednesdays at 7pm


Midweek Fellowship

Midweek Fellowship Ministries

Midweek Ministries are Suspended until further notice.

Daily Bible Readings

Monday - Ezekiel 37

Tuesday - Ezekiel 38

Wednesday - Ezekiel 39

Thursday - Ezekiel 40

Friday -  Ezekiel 41

Saturday - Ezekiel 42

Prayer Concerns

Michael Davis (Linda Atkins, Warren Lambert (Cheryl Lewis), Linda Atkins, Brittany Cartner’s father, Barry Oakley Family (Teresa Jones), Steven Pruitt (Randy and Patty Pruitt), George Baer, Richard Terrell, Kevin Roberts Family (Sonny and Kay McCall, Wendy Brinn (Amanda Foster)                                                                                                                                                              All those whose jobs have been affected by the Coronavirus

Ongoing Prayer Concerns are listed in our May Newsletter

Put your prayer request on the yellow cards and place them in the white basket on the altar table. Each concern will be lifted up during our worship service.